At Park View Dog Grooming, we are proud to provide a safe and secure environment for your dog. We ask that all of our clients read and understand the following policies, and terms and conditions.

All dogs attending the Salon will have a Client Record on file. This will be completed at the Salon and kept at the Premises.





You must be confident and confirm that your dog is fit and healthy, and up-to-date with their vaccinations. Grooming of sick or elderly dogs is entirely at owner’s risk.



We request 24 hours` notice if you need to cancel your pet appointment.  We are a family business, please respect that and understand that when you forget or cancel an appointment we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time.

To reschedule or cancel an appointment please call the salon on 01925 721082. If you are cancelling your appointment outside normal working hours, please leave a voicemail providing your name, dogs name, time and date of appointment.



If you do not show for your appointment without giving adequate notice, any future bookings will require a £10 non-refundable deposit towards your next groom. If this happens a second time we would ask for the full price of your dog’s groom to be paid as a non-refundable payment prior to securing your booking.



Please be punctual. We work by appointment only, and also on a 1-2-1 basis with each dog. We also offer a free appointment reminder by email/text message if requested. Most grooms take 1-2 hours or more depending on the size and the temperament of the dog, and its coat condition. Whilst we appreciate that clients may be late through no fault of their own, we also do have a duty to our other clients who keep to their appointment times.

Any late arrivals of 15 minutes or more, we reserve the right to change or cancel appointments, and pre-payment for future services will be requested where a client has been late for two or more previous appointments.



Pricing is based on breed, hair length, coat condition, temperament, age, and grooming history. Please be advised an extra charge may apply if your dog is matted, requires extra bathing in addition to our standard 2-shampoo process, has fleas, or has not been groomed within the recommended grooming schedule for their breed. All prices shown are guide prices only, we will give you an exact cost at your pre-treatment consultation.

Puppy prices are only applicable to dogs under 6 months of age. Please call for breed specific prices.


If your dog has not been vaccinated or their previous vaccination is out of date please leave 14 days from the date of vaccination and their appointment date. We regret that we are unable to groom puppies until 2 weeks after their 2nd vaccination.



If your pet is found to have fleas, we will stop the groom, and treat them with a flea treatment bath, which will be charged at an £10. This covers the costs of the flea elimination using the specialist shampoos, towels must be laundered separately, and the cleaning and disinfection of the Salon. We reserve the right to decline any other types of service until your pet’s flea infection is treated.





We reserve the right to muzzle your dog if it represents a danger to any other dog or any person. Any dog that shows aggression to people or other dogs will not be accepted for grooming. Please let us know beforehand if your dog has behavioural problems.



Unfortunately, we don`t accept very noisy dogs or constant barkers for grooming as we are situated in a residential area with neighbours in close proximity.



Please be aware that if the dog does not respond to the groomer and does not remain still during the grooming procedure, accidents can happen, such as nicks from clippers or toenail trimmers.



We do not accept liability for any other effects following the treatment of a matted dog. This can include irritation, redness or nicks. Your permission will be required to shave off a matted coat. If you request the mats to be combed out, the groomer will not do this, if it causes the dog undue stress or pain.



Removing the hair can irritate the delicate skin of ear canals and lead to ear problems. Plucking the hair from a dog`s ear canal leaves minute openings, tiny wounds in the skin where bacteria can settle more easily. We only pluck ears if it is requested by client and where it will not cause harm to your dog.



Park View Dog Grooming does not perform anal gland expression as part of any service offering. It is our belief that this process should be only performed by licensed veterinary person, and only when medically necessary. We believe that anal gland expression should not be a recurring procedure applied to a healthy animal, as serious consequences can result.



You will be advised or phoned what time to collect your pet, please can you arrange for your dog to be collected with a 15 minute window of this time. We do not have the facilities for a dog sitting service, as dogs may become restless after their grooms and may distract other dogs during their appointments. A small charge may be added for early drop of or late pickups





Park View Dog Grooming keeps of all dogs and their treatments. Client data will be treated in accordance to the data protection principles of the Data Protection Act and will not be shared with 3rd parties.



Payment should be made on collection of your dog. We can accept payment by cash or card (Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express). Prices are subject to change without prior notice.



If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your pet’s groom please let us know within 3 days (preferably, before you leave). Reasonable requests to alter the trim will be dealt with immediately or changes noted for the next groom. Please don’t leave negative feedback anywhere without contacting us first, we take great pride in our service and want our clients to feel the same.



Your dog may be photographed before, during and after its groom. Photographs may be used on our website, social media or other printed materials. 



We have a strict no drying cages policy. All of our clients’ are finished by hand by our experienced stylists. We choose this for the safety and well-being of our clients.